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Towny lets you found towns and sell plots of land in the towns. Towns are mostly safe from danger, griefing and robbery.

The wilderness is fair game for all though. Rob, kill, loot. There are no laws in the wild! When you die, you drop all your loot, lose experience and lose some of your money.

The mayor of every town chooses which plots of land are for sale and how much they sell for. The mayor can evict you, so only invest in towns you trust or you might lose your plot! As long as the town pays for the upkeep and the town continues to exist, you will continue to own that land and can even sell it to other players.

The mayor also chooses how much taxes people must pay to be residents or owe plots of land.

Type /money to see how much you have. Use /pay to send money to players. To buy a plot in a town, stand on it and type /plot claim.

Type /towny time to know when is the next time taxes, upkeep, etc. must be paid. Not having enough money to pay for a town's upkeep means the town gets dissolved. Not having enough money to pay your taxes means you can be kicked from the town or lose your plot.

Type /towny prices to see how much the town you're a citizen of charges in taxes.

Mellow Falls is the starter town. Everyone starts there. No one owns it, it will never disappear. Lands you buy in Mellow Falls will always be yours unless you become a criminal. The two main ways of making money is by selling things to Mellow Falls shops and by doing quests. Type /quests list to see what quests are available and /quests take to take a quest.

For more information on Towny, read How Towny Works.

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