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Woah gamerbros, I'm going on vacation! (11/21-12/8)

Tomorrow I'll be headed out to visit my mom for a couple of weeks. Obviously I'll have my phone on me to check in on Discord and sign into the forums if I see anything juicy, but I won't be able to bring my PC. I'm kinda salty that I'm leaving as season 10 starts in League, but sometimes it do really be like that. If all is well with her car by next week, we should be travelling up to Indiana/Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with my favorite uncle! She kinda joked about wanting me to come, so I said fuck it and bought tickets to go spend some time with her and family. I haven't been back home since I moved back down to Florida, which was over a year ago, so I'm definitely stoked. I'll be able to see my cat too! I'll be posting videos of him in Discord. (:

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the holidays! ♥
(I'll do siggies when I return hehe ended up stressing over my trip about the situation my mom is having with her car so I didn't work on them yesterday)

Have a good time!
and safe travels uwu

Enjoy your vacation!
[Image: B4go3Sm.png]

Sounds fun, enjoy! I'll look forward to cat pics/vids

be safe Big Grin

Hey gamerbros I'm back!!

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