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Lets Play Dota!

Ok yall, I dont know who plays dota but if you do, lets get together and play battlecup(s) on Saterdays. You can add me on discord if you want to play dota 2 anytime. 

Discord: Blake#6299

So if you happen to want to play turbo or learn dota 2 just hmu.
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I would be down to try to learn it. How similar is it to League?

Well its a moba, but ive been told from league players that its much harder. Ive never played league but know somethings about it.
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BERRY cool game very fun!

(11-19-2019, 03:35 AM)PurpleTheory Wrote: I would be down to try to learn it. How similar is it to League?
I used to play tons of League and tried out DOTA before, DOTA feels a lot more complex. I'm nowhere near an expert on DOTA, but things I noticed initially that took some getting used to were denying creeps & turrets, turning animation on character movement (makes you feel slower), not having a dedicated recall ability, and managing the courier among your teammates. That stuff and, abilities in DOTA seem a lot more intense; like 7 second stuns or silences for example or a massive ghost ship rushing you down lol. It's still a MOBA though, so there's plenty to enjoy about it if you like League.

I've tried multiple times to get into Dota 2, but it is so difficult to learn everything when you have played League of legends for years on your own. I'd be down for a few games if you don't mind me sticking around safe picks like Sniper and Drow Ranger and still inting my ass off lol.

"safe picks" do depend on the meta and the enemy Heroes,  that being said, drow is a pretty good pick right now for a carry, that and chaos knight. 
if you want to play msg me on discord and we can see about some casual turbo games. (turbo is just you get more xp and gold then you would normally like 3 times as much)
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