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Fade B)

Hello gamers, it's your boy Fade :^)

Used to play here back in 2012-2014 ish back in high school. I'm in college now majoring in computer science but switching to information systems. I remember I used to be pretty troll back in the day but I've changed now (?) 

I don't really use forums anymore but I'm an admin on a relatively big discord server with 3k+ active members. I just randomly decided to check the lp group while browsing through my groups and saw the forums were up. It seems it's not really active which is pretty sad, but I'm just posting here for my nostalgia's sake. It feels weird making a forum post again cause all the memories from back then are  flowing through me. 

Although the forums are not as it once was, I hope to occasionally check here and talk to old people again Smile

Oh yeah and if you guys ever wanna play league add me on Fadey I was 350 lp preseason :^)

or for dbd

Hi there fade! Smile

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