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Show off your most expensive current and past skins.

I know the game is dead to most, but the new Shattered Web operation has sparked a new interest in the game to me. With this, I've kept some of the skins that I had invested money in before, as well as picking up a new beauty. I'm interested in seeing how lucky/how much money people are willing to spend on this game, and as well as the amount of regret they have for spending four figures on pixels. Here's my newest addition to my inventory: 0.009165717 Float FN Bayonet | Tiger Tooth. I added the name tag.

[Image: zWutKOI.png]

One of the most ugliest knives I have ever owned while using the ugliest crosshair on the planet, I present you the Karambit Case Hardened FT

Don't mind the name of the knife down in the bottom right corner

[Image: A041178A8CFE72E8206449E4CFE145B9E912A22E]

AK-47 | Bloodsport FN, only got it because of the japanese text :^)
[Image: 730851F049552CD8FFD7A34F7C6A856CA8BA3A8B]

[Image: B799345249A077E353703283F3EDB54A1872AB17]
Very old picture but that knife was one of my favorite skins

No picture but before I stopped playing, my friend traded me his Karambit | Forest DDPAT (Field Tested) for a match.
Also I had a P2000 | Ocean Foam (Factory New) before I gambled it away like an idiot.

I wish I still had the pics of my old Dlores Sad

This is the only screenshot I have of an old expensive skin I had, A knife I unboxed

[Image: HkdeoD9.png]

1 part of my current inventory, the butterfly fade is 99% fade and the karambit fade is a 90/10 (or like 90/7/3 or whatever the fuck it was) I also have a couple favorites like a ak47 case hardened with lots of blue, a awp redline with ibuypower sticker, and a halo shenron.
[Image: 56CRnDH.jpg]

[Image: puCONpp.jpg]

[Image: lU9SzLy.png]

I also have had way too many items to fully show my past inventory in a post without it being too big.
[Image: A2gYiZq.gif]

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