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Cars Vroom Vroom

What Kind of cars do you guys drive and where are my car people at?
I have a daily subie wrx and a skyline r32, currently its getting repainted and were pushing near 450whp after the dyno hopefully.  
[Image: sG2CdVd.png][Image: Qo6Dw9O.png]
[Image: A2gYiZq.gif]

I can confirm that R32 does go vroom vroom. Right now I am just whipping around a classic 2004 B400 mazda truck B)

But my brother does have a classic 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. I will post photos of it in a second, we plan on "resto-modding" it to eventually make up to modern day power in that wonderful classic body.

Brother's car (Found photo I had uploaded on imgur)
[Image: B4go3Sm.png]

I drive a 2013 BMW 328ix

[Image: 8UBIwd8OxrjSvtLGb4xwy_dmALlefQ2-7YovcoXk...63-h947-no]

Honda Civic 2015

I got a Chevrolet PT Cruiser 2006, goes vroom and looks like a giant sneaker.

I got a Volkswagen Golf GTI 5, it can go vroom but not too much, lowered suspension gotta watch those speed bumps Tongue

2019 Volkswagen Jetta, the turbo in these things kick ass

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