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Coming out

Hey guys, so I wanted to ask everyone that is apart of the community if they'd like to talk about how they decided to come out/told their family and friends.
This is a very personal question so no one obviously is obligated to tell but I have the mindset that maybe some of those who are having trouble, could read from this thread and possibly get the motivation and courage to express themselves to their loved ones.
I'll go ahead and tell mine, it's short but sweet  Wink
So since I was about 13, I always struggled trying to figure out just what I liked. at one point I simply labelled myself as "Gay" but that quickly changed after it just didn't feel right. I kept going back and fourth for a few years having this battle in my head trying to find out just what the hell it is I am, it wasn't until about age 16 when I finally had a few experiences that gave me a rather different view on myself so from age 16 to 17 I just said "I like what I like" and that was that. but I'm 18 now and I feel really comfortable with using the term Bi-sexual. and I know a lot of people will say "That's just a phase, everyone who says they're bi either swings one way or the other after some time" but I know that just isn't true for me. so, after a long battle and finally just getting to know myself, I was ready to tell my friends, first. (Probably a weird choice to go with some friends first than family..but oh well I guess.) most of them were very comforting and supportive but of course everyone has their own views and opinions on things so I had some that just up and ditched me because they very strongly disagreed with my sexuality. it took its toll on my insecurities at the time but I got over it. It wasn't until about a month ago I actually came out to my Family, the worse thing I had going through my head was how my dad would react. being a Veteran and pretty much a "manly man" I really thought he wouldn't see me as his child or something. which is really bad to think but at the time it just happened. any who, although he went silent for a second, all my family gave me a hug and my dad said He supported me no matter what I did or who I was interested in.

TL;DR: Just keep an opened mind and don't let your thoughts drown you. they're your family, they will support you no matter what. and if they can't get passed your sexuality, fuck them. I love you, even if I don't know you, as long as you're a decent person, you're cool in my book.  Cool

The thought of coming out to my family was very terrifying, despite knowing that my family would have been supportive. The stigma that most people are homophobic now-a-days isn't really true, but still is ingrained in the minds of those who are in the closet. Of course, history can't be changed, so the awful stories of discrimination and bias against homosexuals or any LGBTQ+ individuals aren't forgotten, but it is good to see that society has at least learned to be more tolerant of differences when it comes to other people's preferences. My coming out story isn't really interesting, I basically just went to my mom and told her, all shaky and anxiety-ridden. Shortly after, I was showered with love and support, and all my worries regarding it washed away. Of course, the same isn't true about people I meet day-to-day, as for instance, I am not openly gay at my current workplace, as the boomers that are already jealous I make more money than them would just have another insult to throw my way. When it comes to encouraging others to come out of the closet, it is very situational, as there is some instances where it might still put someone in danger if they do so. If you feel like you genuinely would be in danger, I would recommend holding off until you can have a back-up plan. Until then, the internet is a wonderful place for communicating your feelings and seeking support. It's always better to talk to someone rather than no one, even if it is just a stranger on the internet. :)

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