Legal disclaimer


before paying for the premium package you are about to purchase, please read the following terms and conditions.

the premium perks you are about to purchase will be available to you throughout all of our garry's mod servers. you will be able to use your lp$ and items purchased on all our servers. (certain items are unavailable on certain servers for gameplay reasons).

you understand and agree that can not provide you with any refund whatsoever under any circumstance due to the intangible (virtual) nature of the goods you are purchasing. if you misuse your perks (evip moderator powers, vip votekicking, etc..) your perks will be removed and you will not be refunded. if the package you are purchasing is extended vip, you agree and understand to have read the extended vip handbook. you understand that if you do not abide by the evip handbook, we may remove your evip perks. if your extended vip is replaced by regular vip due to your misuse of your moderator abilities, you will not be refunded. you may however continue to buy regular vip.

you understand and agree that will not offer you any refund if you are banned from our servers, forums, website or any other part of the community for misbehavior. you understand and agree that will not offer you any refund if you don't enjoy the gameservers - test them before you buy premium perks.

you understand and agree that if you donate using an e-check or debit on paypal, it may take up to 5 days for you to receive your perks.

you understand and agree that if you claim a chargeback without contacting us about the issue first, what you are doing is considered a scam. we are available to respond to any issue you may encounter and will go out of our way to support you and solve any issue you have. claiming a chargeback with your credit card company or paypal will result in a permanent ban from all of our servers and we will counter-act the chargeback with all the necessary evidence to prove that you have received what you paid for.

Short version

  • Don't use someone's credit card/money without their permission. You'll end up permanently banned.
  • If you buy VIP, EVIP or LP$, you'll have it on all LifePunch servers.
  • We can't refund you no matter what because then anyone could scam us.
  • Getting banned, losing your VIP/EVIP because you broke the rules or getting bored of LifePunch is not an excuse to get refunded.
  • If you use an e-Check, debit card or bank transfer, it can take a few days (usually around 5) to get your perks.
  • If you try to chargeback, we will take legal recourse because that's scamming. Also, you'll be permanently banned from LifePunch and will still lose your money. If something's bothering you, let us know instead.
  • If despite all this you want to issue a chargeback or Paypal dispute, contact us first so we can work on the issue.